Is it legal?
There are legal constraints, but we only advise and fit legal films with appropriate light transmission properties.


[See legalisation comment]

How long does it take to fit?
A typical installation will be completed in 2 hours.

Is it safer?
Yes, in the event of an accident the film helps contain the glass, reducing the ingress of glass into the passenger cabin. Security glass further enhances this effect, and makes deliberate break in significantly more difficult. [See videos]

Does it stop UV?
Different films offer different protection, see the UV chart for which meets your needs best.

Will tinting my windows add value to my car?
Tinting your windows will prevent fading of materials and keep your interior looking better longer. Reduced sun fade is only one of the advantages of using Sol-Ace car window tinting.

Will tinting the windows make my car cooler?
Tints can block up to 65% of outside heat making your car feel cooler. But don’t forget, your vehicle not only feels cool on the inside, but looks cool on the outside.

Will tinting reduce glare?
60% of glare can be reduced by installing window tinting to your car. This means that driving becomes more comfortable for you and your passengers.

How long does the film last?
All our films have a manufacturers lifetime gurantee!

Can I tint my windscreen?
You may have a sun band to a maximum depth of 8 inches in the UK.

My car has windows tinted by the manufacturer, can I still use your product?
Yes, the legal constraints still apply, but manufacturer glass does not protect the passengers from all UV radiation – which can be harmful to you, your children, and your pets (see World Health Organization).

Can I have my van tinted?
Yes, the same legal constraints apply as for cars.

I’ve heard that tinting can peel off?
The products used by us have been tried and tested in the most demanding environments. All our fitters undergo training on correct application by the manufacturers to ensure a professional service. As such all products are offered guaranteed for the life of the car.